BB93 - School Acoustics

BB93 Assessment for Building Control

inacoustic can assist architects with the acoustic design of schools, as required by the Building Regulations, in accordance with Building Bulletin 93 (BB93).

Detailed and effective acoustic design is essential to provide an appropriate acoustic environment for learning; whether to control the impact of noise from the external environment, prevent acoustic transmission through separating walls/floors, control the impact of noise from building services plant, or ensure that ambient levels/acoustic characteristics of the space are appropriate for the proposed end use.

inacoustic can provide the following services;

  • Environmental Noise Surveys;
  • Building Envelope Design;
  • Mechanical Ventilation Design;
  • Sound Insulation Design;
  • Reverberation Control Design; and
  • Commissioning Testing

We are able to provide acoustic support for all RIBA design stages and provide design solutions that meet bespoke end user requirements, working seamlessly with the design team, if required.

If you require a BB93 assessment, then please do not hesitate to contact us with specific details of your requirements.