BREEAM Assessments

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inacoustic provide services to achieve the BREEAM credits avaliable for acoustics; Hea 05: Acoustic Performance and Pol 05: Reduction of Noise Pollution.


The aim of this credit is "to ensure the buildings' acoustic performance including sound insulation meet the appropriate standards for its purpose".

The pre-requisite for Hea 05 is that a suitably qualified acoustician is appointed by the client at the appropriate stage of the project to provide early advice on influencing outline design solutions to:

  • External sources of noise impacting the development;
  • Internal sources of noise impacting the development;
  • Site layout and zoning of the building for good acoustics;
  • Sound insulation between acoustically sensitive spaces;
  • Acoustic requirements for users with special hearing and communication needs; and
  • Reverberation treatments for different zones and facades.

inacoustic are suitably qualified acousticians to carry out BREEAM Hea 05 assessments, to achieve the avaliable credits.

We work directly with the architect, or with the wider design team, as required by the particular demands of any given project.


The aim of this credit is "to reduce the likelihood of noise arising from fixed installations on the new development affecting nearby noise-sensitive buildings".

Where there are noise sensitive areas within 800m of the development, then an assessment of any noise sources associated with the development, against the prevailing background sound level, needs to be undertaken.

Should the noise assessment indicate that the criteria outlined by BREEAM not be met, then inacoustic will recommended mitigation measures to ensure compliance with BREEAM Pol 05.

Site work for site-specific noise assessments typically begins within five working days. On-site measurements typically range between one to seven days, with the technical report delivered within five working days of on-site measurements being completed.