Wind Farm Noise Assessment

Wind Farm Turbine

inacoustic can assist with planning applications for wind turbine schemes throughout the UK. We can produce standalone noise assessments or full Environmental Noise Chapters, for inclusion in a wider Environmental Impact Assessment.

Wind Turbine Schemes

Noise from wind turbine schemes is assessed in accordance with ETSU-R-97 in the UK.

Our team has considerable experience with wind turbine schemes, having been involved in the development of over 300 sites in the UK, ranging from 50 kW to 5 MW schemes.

We undertake simplified and site-specific noise assessments, depending on the constraints of the proposed site, in full accordance with ETSU-R-97 and guidance given by the Institute of Acoustics. It should be noted that simplified noise assessments are sometimes referred to as ‘desktop noise assessments’.

At the outset of a project, we undertake a preliminary assessment of the proposed wind turbine scheme within two working days, to understand whether a simplified or site-specific noise assessment is required.

If we find that a simplified noise assessment is required for the planning application, then we turn the noise report around in five working days from receiving instruction to proceed.

If we find that a site-specific noise assessment is required for the planning application, then we typically begin site work within ten working days. On-site measurements typically range between two to four weeks, with the technical report delivered within five working days of on-site measurements being completed.

For companies developing large numbers of wind turbine schemes, we offer a fixed fee framework agreement for simplified and on-site noise assessments, wherever the sites may be in the UK. Please call any of our offices to discuss how we can assist you with setting up a fixed fee framework agreement.